The excretion of Prostatic Fluid (Mathi) does not corrupt the Fast

The excretion of Prostatic Fluid (Mathi) does not corrupt the Fast

Question :

A person mentions that when there was some affec- tionate play between him and his wife or kissing, he found some moisture in his underpants from his penis. Therefore, he asks about the consequences that result from that in reference to purity and the correctness of the fast?


The questioner did not mention in the question that he felt sperm (Mani) being ejaculated due to fondling his wife. He only mentioned that he found some moisture in his underpants. Therefore, it seems apparent - and Allâh knows best - that what he found was prostatic fluid (Mathi) and not sperm (Mani). Prostatic fluid (Mathi) is impure and it requires the spot that is touched by it on the garment or underpants to be washed. Likewise, the Wudhu' is broken by it (its emission) and it requires that the penis and the testicles be washed to remove it due to its impurity. Then Wudhu' should be made afterwards so that purity may be attained. However, the fast is not corrupted by it according to the correct view from the statements of the people of knowledge and it does not require complete bathing. However, if that which was emitted was sperm (Max), then it is obligatory to perform complete bathing and the fast is corrupted by it. However, the sperm itself is pure (i.e., legally) even though it is considered unclean (i.e., customarily), and it is legislated to wash the spot that it stained of the garment or the underpants. The fasting person should carefully guard his fast by avoiding whatever would stir his lust, such as sexual fondling and similar things.

The Permanent Committee
Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol. 3 Page 278

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