The Intention for Fasting

The Intention for Fasting

Question :

What is meant by this Hadith:
"There is no fast for whoever does not make the intention during the night (before the fast)"
How is the intention during the night made?


The intention is the determination of the heart to do the act of fasting. This is necessary for every Muslim who knows that the month of Ramadhan's fast has been made obligatory by Allâh. It suffices in making the intention during the night for one to know this obligation and adhere to it. It also suffices for him to say to himself that he is going to fast the next day if there is no excuse for him not to do so. It also suffices for him to eat the Sahur meal with this intention. There is no need for him to verbally say the intention to fast or do any other act of worship. The place of the intention is the heart. The accompaniment of its ruling is obligatory during the entire day by him not having the intention to break the fast nor invalidate the fast.

Ash-Shaykh Ibn Jibreen
Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol. 3 Pages 326-327

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