The Person who loses his Intellect is not obliged to fast

The Person who loses his Intellect is not obliged to fast

Question :

My daughter is 30 years old and she has children. However, she has been afflicted with a mental disorder for the past 14 years. In the past this illness would affect her for a period of time and then it would go away at other times. This time it has afflicted her in a way different than normal, as she has been suffering from it for almost three months now. Due to this she cannot pray properly or perform Wudhu' properly except with the help of another person to show her how and tell her how much she has prayed. Now after the blessed month of Ramadhan has entered she has only fasted one day and she cannot fast properly. Concerning the rest of the days (of Ramadhan) she is not fasting them. Please give me some guidance in this matter concerning what is obligatory upon her and me, considering that I am in charge of her affairs. May Allah reward you.


If her situation is actually as you have mentioned, it is not obligatory upon her to fast and pray. She is not required to perform these duties nor is she required to make up for them, as long as she remains in this state. There is nothing due upon you other than taking care of her, because you are her guardian. Indeed it has been confirmed from the Prophet that he said:
"All of you are guardians and all of you are responsible for those under their guardianship.">

If it is decreed that she regains her intellect sometimes, she is obligated to pray the current prayer during the time of her soundness of mind. Likewise, if it is decreed that she regains her intellect for a day or a number of days during the month of Ramadhan from the remaining days, she only fasts during the days in which she is of sound mind.

The Permanent Committee
Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol. 3 Pages 287-288

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