Fasting voluntary Fasts does not make up for missed Fasts of Ramadhan

Fasting voluntary Fasts does not make up for missed Fasts of Ramadhan

Question :

I became ill and the illness became severe upon me. My brother took me and admitted me to the hospital in Makkah. After my entering the hospital two months of Ramadhan passed and I was still in the same hospital. After that I was moved to Riyadh and I entered the hospital a second time. The month of Ramadhan came again and I was better than before, so I fasted. Nothing remained except the first two months (of Ramadhan). The question is: Am I obligated to fast for the two months, knowing that I fast three days every month, or am I obligated to give some charity, or what should I do? Am I obligated to request the charity from my only son who is well off, as he is not an employee and he does not have a house other than the one he rents? I am a woman with a weak condition and I am not able to work, earn money, and give charity. So, what is the solution?


It is obligatory upon the questioner to make up for the fasts of the two mentioned months due to the generality of the Statement of Allâh, the Most High:
"And whoever is ill or on a journey, then (he may make up for his fast from) a number of other days"

What the questioner mentioned of fasting three days of every month, if her intention in doing so is to make up for what she left off of fasting during the two months, then this intention is correct. She must fast whatever is left from the days of the two months. If her intention in doing this is to perform voluntary fasting, then this does not remove the obligation upon her. She still must fast two complete months and she does not have to give food along with fasting, because she is excused for delaying due to the illness.

The Permanent Committee
Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol. 3 Pages 304-305

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