Drops do not corrupt the Fast

Drops do not corrupt the Fast

Question :

In the book Adh-Dhiya'ul-Lami, a statement is men- tioned in a Khutbah (sermon) specifically related to the month of Ramadhan and that which pertains to fasting. The text of the statement says: "And he also does not break his fast if he is overcome by vomiting and if he applies medicine to his eyes or ear or he puts drops in them." What do you all think about this?


What he said concerning the person who puts drops in his eyes or ears for medicinal treatment not corrupting his fast by that is correct. This is because this (application of drops) is not called eating or drinking- not according to the general custom, nor according to the speech of the Islamic law. This is also because it enters through an entrance that is not the normal entrance for food and drink. If the person delays applying the drops in his eyes and ears until nighttime that is safer to avoid the difference of opinion. Likewise, whoever is overcome by vomiting, he has not corrupted his fast by its coming out. This is because Allâh does not burden a soul except with what it can bear and the Islamic law is based upon removing hardship. This is due to the Statement of Allâh, the Most High:
"And He (Allah) did not place any hardship upon you all in the religion."

And there are other evidences besides this as well. This is also due to the Messenger's statement:
"Whoever is forced to vomit, he does not have to make up for the fast, and whoever makes himself vomit, he must make up for the fast."

The Permanent Committee
Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol. 3 Pages 267-268

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